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Planning Is Crucial for Project Success

Why is planning crucial to the success of projects? We consider a project plan as a map of sorts to show us how to get from the first phase of the project all the way through to the finished product in a timely, successful manner. Project managers (PMs) should never rush through these plans, as - Read More
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What Makes a Good Leader?

As a project manager, you should also be a good leader. Keep in mind that everything about the project from its formulation to its evaluation are made possible by people specifically your team members, thus, emphasizing the importance of your effective leadership. But like all aspects of project management, becoming a good leader requires knowledge - Read More
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Advantages of Work Breakdown Structure in Project Management

The best project managers can break down the work including its tasks, activities and deliverables associated with the project into manageable chunks of information. This allows the team members to fully understand the what, when, why and how of the desired results at each phase of the project. Definition of Work Breakdown Structure This is - Read More
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Ways to be a Good Team Player

It may seem like a resume cliché but being a team player is one of the top prerequisites that employers have for their workers. The ability to communicate efficiently and to understand others plays an important role in successful team work. Putting team goals ahead of your individual situation may seem like a challenging task - Read More
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How to Measure the Success Ratio for Projects

Timely delivery of projects is fundamentally important for every organisation. Nevertheless, the quality of the project deliverables is also equally essential to gauge its success. Now, the big question arises – how to measure the success of any project. Project stake holders often find it tough at times to calculate the actual success ratio even - Read More
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7 Ways to Motivate Yourself at Work

Achieving any goal in life or at work demands a strong feeling of motivation to go with it until its completion. When working in a team, you can’t just motivate your team, a project manager needs an equal amount of motivation to successfully get things going. Subsequently, the question arises on how to motivate yourself - Read More
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