There are 24 hours in a day, we spend almost a third of it at work and sometimes more. So how does one work smarter to achieve higher levels of productivity? Below, we give you 20 healthy tips which will not only boost productivity but will also ensure you maximise your creative input at work.

#1. Plan the Day in Advance

Plan the Day in Advance

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, this is a game changer. Spend the last 15-20 minutes of your work day planning for the next day. Preparing a “To-do” list gives you head start for next day and prepares you to meet challenges that are on your way.

#2. 90-minute Breaks

90-minute Breaks

Studies conducted at the Florida State University prove that a break after every 90 minutes of work is more prolific than continuously working for hours. This can ease stress levels, brush-up creativity and helps you start afresh for the next task.

#3. Learn to say “No” to Meetings

Learn to say “No” to Meetings

Yes – don’t be a part of unnecessary meetings. Forbes Magazine reveals that meetings are the largest time traps in Corporates today and affects overall productivity of an individual. Accomplishing tasks through mails, phone calls are more beneficial to the firm.

#4. Goodbye to Multitasking

Goodbye to Multitasking

People think that if one has ability to multitask, it increases efficiency. This is not true as multitasking makes one lose focus on a particular task which results in low productivity. Rather, focus on one task at a time to give it 100% and then go for another.

#5. Ask Help if in a Fix

Ask Help if in a Fix

If stuck, do not hesitate to ask for help. Studies have proved that asking help improves learning curve and surges productivity.

#6. Streamline Tasks

Streamline Tasks

Time management is must for efficiency. So, limit time on a task and gauge your performance. More time on social media, emails and other apps declines performance in the long run.

#7. Engage in “Exercise Breaks”

Exercise Breaks

Taking healthy exercise breaks enhances productivity. A study published by Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine proves that when you hit a gym in between work hours, it greatly helps to get back focus and concentrate more on work.

#8. Impose your own deadlines

Impose your own deadlines

A self-imposed stress helps meet goals and improves focus. Set your own deadlines that helps achieve target and be productive at same time.

#9. Minimise Distractions

Minimise Distractions

Do not make yourself so available. Learn to say No or give a time frame within which you will respond. If you are continuously interrupted, how can you be productive!

#10. Delegate Tasks

Delegate Tasks

Delegate tasks to be a true leader. Moreover, delegation gives opportunities to your co-workers to showcase their professional skills thereby portraying picture of a well-coordinated team.

#11. Clutter Free Workplace

Clutter Free Workplace

Stacks of paper, garbage, clutter here and there may prove to be distractions. Clear the area to save time finding documents, improve effectiveness and reduce mental stress.

#12. Aesthetic Elements

Aesthetic Elements

Ensure aesthetic elements such as plants, pictures, candles, and flowers adorn the work environment. A small green plant on your desk can bring some positive energy. How about a photo of your spouse or child.

#13. Capitalise on Commute

Capitalise on Commute

This is a bonus time for planning things. Instead of Facebooking and Twittering, make it a time to brainstorm things, create daily to-do list, or even sending out mails for the day.

#14. Remain Proactive, not Reactive

Remain Proactive, not Reactive

Answering mails is great. But don’t make it a habit to answer them as and when they arrive. This interrupts workflow. Instead, determine how often you need to check mails and fix the time interval to reply to them.

#15. Comply with “two-minute rule.”

two-minute rule

Two-minute rule works great if you see a task or action that can be done in a minute or less. Work on it immediately to make most of your time at work.

#16. Define Goals and Let them be in Sight all Times

Define Goals

If there are major tasks in the pipeline, make a note of it on the phone, note pad, sticky note and let it stay in sight at all times.

#17. No Notifications

No Notifications

Keep notifications like emails, voicemail, or text notifications at bay if you are working on something important. Unnecessary distractions hinder performance.

#18. Keep Pen and Paper Handy

Keep Pen and Paper Handy

Jot down anything important on paper rather than relying on brain. This comes in handy if you need to implement it on your next big project.

#19. Enough Sleep


Enough Sleep

The brain needs rest. Hence, get enough sleep to keep the body rejuvenated for the next day.

#20. Music Therapy

Music Therapy

This may sound like disturbance. At times it acts as a motivator and helps release stress and work better. Do not forget the headphones though.

We have only listed 20 tips; there are many other ways to increase productivity at work. What has worked for you? Is it found on this list; if not, share below or you can also contact the Synquis team for further insights.