Efficient task management software ensures a hassle-free work environment where tasks can be accomplished faster and in a more organised way. This software allows concerned authority to create, assign and monitor tasks for projects with priorities to employees in order to meet deadlines and get things done efficiently. In addition to these, multiple tasks can be created and assigned in a single click whereas overdue tasks can be easily tracked and maintained to take corrective measures in the future.

Below we list out some of the interesting features of our task management software:

Centralised hub for all tasks

all tasks

Different tasks for each project is maintained under a single dashboard making it easier to track their current status. Assign, modify or delete tasks, view total hours spent and due date for each task, know the person whom the task is assigned to in addition to setting email notifications for the different activities performed on that task. Once the task passes the due date, it is automatically flagged as a reminder for its completion. Moreover, replying to the task, adding any comments, creating sub tasks, chart representations, uploading documents, adding tasks to watch list and many more are some of the additional features supported by this system. You need to just simply switch between different tasks and update as needed.

Generate bulk tasks

Creation of bulk tasks is made possible with this task management system. If the need be, assigning a number of related tasks to the user to avoid confusion and for ease of access is one of the main highlights of this system.

Make tasks recurring

To make re-assigning process of earlier tasks simpler, it is further facilitated to make the tasks recurring. This helps to redo the same task for impending needs.

Send Email notification for new, updated & closed tasks

Get notified as and when there is any updating process done on a particular task by concerned people. This makes it easier for the management to understand what is getting accomplished on a project and what its outcomes will be.

Prioritise and manage tasks by enabling access rights at management levels

Assign access rights accordingly to people responsible for the accomplishment of any task. This avoids any unnecessary violation or usage of the information or data passed on and gives complete control of the tasks to the top level management.

Synquis is among the leaders in providing efficient operations management software that helps clients control, manage and track their operations, tasks and projects with ease. To learn more about our operation management software, visit here.