Dealing with client service requests affects the business significantly. Every service request made – right from emails, phone calls, live chat, and many other sources needs to be tracked and answered as and when they occur or based on its urgency. An efficient ticket management system simplifies this task of accomplishing requests and helps a business by and large to respond to them any time irrespective of their geographical zones. Moreover, it allows businesses to make further revisions on its work strategies by getting feedback from clients.

Here, we show you in detail why such a web-based communication system is beneficial to the business:

Easily Register Requests

End users do not have to stay in long queues or even bother calling to register their complaints. They just need to login and describe their service requests to save money and time with automated ticket management.

Increased Productivity

Increased productivity of both clients and IT teams as tickets management is much more organised and efficiently executed without delays.

Immediate Access and Conversion into Tasks

Easy and immediate access to customers to view and track tickets any time. These tickets can be converted into tasks to resolve the client issues in one click.

Quick Responses

Ticket management system enables customers to get quick responses to their queries in a better and structured approach.

Saves time and resources

Best way to save time and manage resources in a better way for the host. It has unified self-service capabilities for clients to manage their own tickets.

Easy Issues Tracking and Change Management

Improved ways of issues tracking with integrated knowledge base which makes it easier for resolving. Once the response is resolved, the ticket can be closed or modified accordingly to make changes further.

Quick Descriptive Messages for Problems

Communication is easier and quicker with integrated ticket system as customers only need to describe their inquiries, issues and experiences in a message which is received by the support team. This ticket is directly dealt with and a response is generated thereafter. Furthermore, this ticket can be used for follow-ups or communication.

Gauge Performance

Easily track, view and manage status of each ticket in a timely manner. You can gauge employee performance and view how tickets are responded to and in what timeframe (measure staff KPI’s)

Synquis experts have created a robust cloud based operations management software with in-built ticket management to manage your customer requests effectively. Contact our professional team to get a better insight on our operations & task management software.