During the lifetime of a project, issues of different kinds occur unexpectedly out of nowhere which hinders its steady progression and development. These issues are found at various levels and needs to be readily dealt with for the smooth execution of tasks and favourable project outcomes in future.

Some bugs that are common to every project are:

  • Software errors or coding “bugs”
  • General issues concerning the project team
  • Issues that signify a change request to system and
  • Problems or “bugs” that need to be reported to the third parties.

In order to avoid such circumstances, management must consider having a proper issue management module in place that will help in tracking, analysing and reporting problems during an entire project life cycle. Our Link-OM operations management software allows you to generate lessons learned logs, individual to projects and assign it to specific projects.

Here, we brief you about the key elements of our Issue Management module and why you should consider using it to deal with your issue management procedures:

Issue Management Module

Key features of our Issue Management Module

Our Issue Management module is designed with streamlined configurations that permits prioritising separate issues of the whole project. The features are defined below:

  • Easily understood and optimised approach to manage issues
  • Track status, assign priorities, allocation to concerned people for resolving
  • Converts issues to tasks in a single click
  • Issues by staffs, projects or department
  • Reliable way for the team to submit issues
  • Record issue resolution for future reference and project learning
  • Monitor entire project health and status

Key benefits of our Issue Management Module

Below you can find some of the key benefits of our Issue Tracking tool to support your project management activities:

  • Filtered views based on priority and target dates, provide a 360 degree visibility of unresolved issues
  • Structured approach to how project issues are being handled
  • Streamline how project members deal with issues and handle bugs
  • Automate prior deadline and milestone notification to team members
  • Improves productivity

Henceforth, if an issue arises in any project, the project manager and the team can together resolve the issues and take corrective actions to promote the process.

Contact Synquis professionals to find out how this feature and our other features like the task management function can help with your operational needs.