Every significant point along the project timeline like specific events, tasks and decisions has to be noted and marked for review in future. Events like project commencement and end dates, scheduling tasks and many other key decisions affect the project development procedures and are major factors that decide the outcome of the project. They act as checkpoints for having budget checks and gauge project progress and are often defined as milestones in project management.

An efficient milestone management software combined with scheduling methodologies such as Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) or the Critical Path Method (CPM) helps monitor and prioritise project development at regular intervals and assists management in determining whether or not the project is on schedule. Nonetheless, these management tools are only beneficial if they are identified, defined and actionable once the project is right underway.

Here, we brief you about the stages in milestone management and how they can be most useful to create management benchmarks and quantify progress for projects:

Defining Milestones

Every task or effect cannot be termed as milestone. If a task is noteworthy of any status change, is a high priority task or directly affects the outcome of the project, then such tasks qualify to become milestones. Mostly they are used to manage the project efforts, monitor consequences, and report significant status to project stakeholders.

Track progress using Milestones

Pending milestones are priority tasks and need to be accomplished to proceed as planned. Moreover, management can determine the reasons for their incomplete status, the impact that it causes and further actions to be taken for its execution to track overall progress.

View Status of Projects

Milestones show key phases of your project and whether they were successfully accomplished or not. The management can also decide the actions to be taken for “Missed” and “About to be missed” milestones to ensure a proper project health check-up and quality.

Milestone Management Module

Our Link-OM operations management software has an in-built milestone management module with key features mentioned below:

Unified Milestone management

Track and view all upcoming milestones based on deadlines for project resources from anywhere, anytime with in-built calendar that lets users view upcoming milestones including flexible options custom-made to suit individual needs.

Unified Calendar Management

Unified calendar allows managing tasks and milestones effectively through multiple calendar options.

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