Missed deadlines and being over budget are some common concerns at work. Eventually, a person becomes overwhelmed and just throws in the towel. There are ways to avoid getting the point of being burned out while working on a project. It takes just a few simple steps to make it happen.

Begin By Creating a Schedule and Sticking to It

As cliché as it sounds, a schedule is actually good for reducing your stress. By creating a clear iStock_000011909644XSmallpath to complete the project, you are less likely to run into problems and delays. When creating this schedule, make sure you’ve added some buffer time to each of the time frames. If there are any surprises along the way, you’ll find they won’t set you back as far as they normally would. It is also easier to get ahead of schedule with a schedule in place.

Break Down the Project into Smaller Pieces

When faced with a large project, always break it down into smaller sections. A large project can feel overwhelming and it may seem like nothing is ever accomplished. By breaking it down into sections, you can gain a better handle on things. As you complete each section, you’ll continue to remain motivated and you should experience better results.

Don’t Micromanage the Group

If you believe you have to do everything, you are more likely to stress when simple things go wrong. Find a good set of leads and give them the simple tasks to handle first. These are people you can count on and know that they’ll complete these basic essential tasks from the start. When they are done, they can pick up some of the lag with others right away. You’ll get more done faster and there are fewer surprises at the end of the project.

To help reduce the risk of an overload of stress, use checkpoints during a project to take a moment to breathe. You can review where the project is at this point and look at areas that need attention. If someone has been sick for the last week, you can breakdown their tasks and have others help to step in. Before you know it, your group will handle the project like pros.

Accept That You May Be Never Motivated

If you wait until you are inspired to do something, it will never happen. Instead, you’ll begin to feel the stress of not accomplishing anything. Force yourself to begin a task that may seem tedious and exhausting. What you’ll find is that after a few minutes you do become focused and before you know it, the project has been completed. All it takes is an extra push to get things up and running.

Embrace Breaks and Take a Lunch

You might feel like you don’t have time to take a break, or have lunch. The truth is, most problems are clearer when you step away from the situation. When you don’t take a break, you begin to notice that you’re run down and tired. Your mind is unable to think about anything more than that missed break or how hungry you are. Even if you only take half the break, giving yourself some breathing space can help you to avoid running yourself into the ground. During the break, the odds of figuring out the solution also greatly increases.

 Learn to Say, “No”

It’s great to tell people you can do something. The habit of telling everyone, “Yes” all the time ends up spreading you too thin. It is okay to tell people, “No”. While it might ruffle some feathers at first, you’ll ultimately gain the respect of others as they see you taking action to get what you already have on your plate done. True leaders know when to put up limits and avoid overloading everyone for the sake of making everyone else happy.

Shake Things Up From Time to Time

Getting stuck doing the same thing every day of the week will burn people out. Instead, make sure you change things up. If you can’t switch off roles in a group, change the setting. Make it a point to keep things interesting on the project and make it happen. This is as simple as the group getting together for a themed lunch every day and talking about things beyond the project.

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Have Automatic E-mails Motivate You

Have e-mails come in to your inbox at different times and days of the week. In them, include a motivational quote and something positive about your position and the project that you are working on. As they come in, let them be a reminder of the incredible job you are doing. You can’t expect the world to celebrate what you do. But these reminders will keep you positive and in a better mood. In most cases, you’ll find the drive you need to be successful. When all is said and done, others will notice your commitment and will comment positively on it.

Getting a handle on the stress you experience is simple. Just keep these important steps in mind and don’t give an overwhelming project any control over you. Before long, you’ll find that work projects are less stressful and you are able to enjoy life more.