What does it take to choose the right project management software? Should you focus on the price or should you pay attention to the feature? The answer is simple – both of these areas are important.

The quality of the project management software dashboard is probably one of the most important criteria to examine before selecting. The dashboard will determine usability and your ability to utilise every functionality of the product. Several other characteristics are also determining for the importance of a good project management software dashboard.

It Allows Customisation

A project management software will often need to have different management levels and users that have particular rights. This feature makes it easy to restrict sensitive information solely to the team members that should be having access to such data.

Different roles will also simplify organization and the completion of tasks. There’s clear hierarchy, roles that are defined right from the start and rights that correspond to the structure. Each individual sees only the details and the data needed for the completion of their part of the project. Thus, the dashboard can also increase productivity.

Access to Essential Data

Most modern project management software enable data tracking in real time. Even if you don’t learn of new developments as these take place, you’ll still be given recent information that can be used to make decisions in the future and optimise the work process.

The dashboard is a very clear indicator of effectiveness. It provides information about the biggest successes and problems. It can be used to make on-the-spot adjustments. You don’t have to wait for a monthly report, in order to deal with the practices that aren’t giving the expected results.

A good dashboard may also come with the option to set up alerts about events and trends of particular interest. Thus, you’ll be guided to the data that matters the most and that will affect long-term strategic decisions.

Process Standardisation

Using a quality dashboard will help you make sure that everybody is on board, which allows process standardization and consistency.

The most important processes can easily be standardised across departments and throughout a huge corporation. The documents created by everyone will have a similar feel and all of the individuals that should be involved in a certain project will get access to the same information.

Some years ago, employees relied on different templates and methodologies for document and report creation. Such practices obviously stood in the way of clear and efficient communication. This is no longer the case, especially if a high quality project management software is chosen.

Trending of Data

What happened one year ago? How was the data related to what you’re seeing right now? A good project management dashboard will give you the answers to these questions.

It’s easy to go through a large volume of data and look for trends or patterns. Trending depends on individual goals and filters that you use. The dashboard gives you wonderful customization features, highlighting the information that is of particular importance to your organization.

Such data can be used to control costs, increase productiveness and even boost corporate revenue. It’s easy to spot the mistakes or the successes of the past and to take the necessary measures.


It’s no longer possible for documents to get lost, for departments to make their individual decisions and for the level of transparency to remain relatively low.

A good dashboard is a vital tool for dealing with corporate communication chaos. It brings new insight by enabling everybody to view the same data.

Staying on Schedule

Project Management Scheduler

A project management dashboard provides all responsible individuals information about the project’s deadline or milestones. It becomes easier for team members to stay on schedule because they’ll get reminders and get to organise the work process so that deadlines are met.

Project Management Reporting

Project managers will get reports about progress being made and how far along the execution is. The deadline and the schedule can easily be modified to reflect on corporate realities and give teams extra time, in case such is needed.

Everything Necessary for the Training of New Employees

The dashboard contains all of the current information, the archives and the trends that employees need to get a better understanding of the work process, the main goals and the past performance.

The use of a project management dashboard can decrease the time needed for the training of new employees significantly.

New workers will get to see the reports and documents shared by other team members. They will be free from having to collect data from different departments, go through extensive databases and try to sort everything out.

Easy Integration

The integration of the project management dashboard with other products is a relatively simple task.

Easy integration increases the richness of the data, takes cooperation to yet another level and turns the software infrastructure of the company in a seamlessly integrated huge network of products that everyone can use effectively.

All of these advantages will become available through the selection of the right project management software dashboard for your company. Take some time to determine what your main priorities are. Next, you should test the manner in which a particular solution corresponds to these priorities. Comparing different software side by side and testing their user-friendliness will help you pick the dashboard that will boost collaboration, increase transparency and help you make all of the essential corporate processes much more efficient.